Friday, 6 February 2009


You will probably have seen the result of an "out of office" message appearing on a signpost in Swansea.

On a similar theme, this is what happens when you try to speed up the supply line just a bit too much:

"We just cut and paste from the e-mail to the program we use for printing the edible images; we are usually in such a hurry that we really don't have time to check, and if we do the customers yell at us for bothering them."

Incidentally, I wonder what you are supposed to do when you suddenly add to a blog that you haven't updated for over 3 months? Are you supposed to apologise? (But then that assumes that someone is out there, hanging on your every word.) Create a special post to draw attention to the fact and give some kind of explanation? Just carry on as normal and pretend nothing has happened? Add a postscript to the first new post, but not actually tell anyone the reason for the interlude? (Yep, that seems like a good idea...)