Friday, 23 February 2007

Bible Commentaries

Sometimes it can be hard to understand what a particular Bible passage is about. This is where a good commentary can be invaluable. Here are some useful ones. But don't take what they say at face value—always check them against what the King of Books says. Thanks again to Luke Jenner for the initial list.

New Bible CommentaryG Wenham, J Motyer, D Carson, R France (editors)IVP
New Bible DictionaryI H Marshall, A R Millard, J I Packer, D J Wiseman (editors)IVP
Welwyn Commentary Series (especially Romans)Evangelical Press
Bible Speaks Today SeriesIVP
Tyndale Commentaries SeriesIVP
New Testament CommentariesGeoffrey B WilsonBanner of Truth
Focus on the Bible CommentariesChristian Focus Publications
Reading the BibleGeoffrey ThomasBanner of Truth
Exhaustive Concordance of the BibleJames Strong
Expository Thoughts on the GospelsJ C RyleBanner of Truth
New Testament Commentaries (including More Than Conquerors: An Interpretation of the Book of Revelation)William HendriksenBaker

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Kent said...

Have you seen the new electronic edition of the Welwyn Commentary Series (49 Vols.) from Logos Bible Software? I thought you might be interested.

Welwyn Commentary Series (49 Vols.)

Mike said...

Thanks ... I wonder how long it will be before real books (on paper) are collectors' items!