Monday, 7 May 2007

Unity Without Uniformity

Paul Brown in the May edition of Grace Magazine draws attention to the Act of Union 300 years ago, commenting that the Union is probably under more strain now than it has ever been since its inception.

He points out that it was the gospel that united the nation, while also allowing for cultural divergences. He quotes Linda Colley: "It was their common investment in Protestantism that first allowed the English, Welsh and the Scots to become fused together, and to remain so, despite their many cultural divergences."

He concludes:

Ironically, the cultural divergence is much less today - by and large it is the same shops, the same music, the same TV programmes, the same secularism and consumerism, the same preoccupation with sex, money and pleasure.

Worldliness brings dissatisfaction and division.

Christ brings unity without uniformity