Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Please Stop

The RSPCA reported this week that some 7,300 pets were abandoned in the UK last year. This made headline news in a number of media outlets.

The Daily Mail, reporting on a recent inquest, rightly expressed horror that a baby girl was mauled to death by two Rottweilers.

Stop!But where are the headlines about the ongoing killing of our nation’s children?

Why isn't there more outrage about the way we treat our unborn? They are dismembered and poisoned, subjected to all kinds of humiliation and torture, before being killed.

Last Sunday, 27th April 2008, saw the 40th anniversary of the 1967 Abortion Act coming into force in the UK. It serves as a marker of a sad and appalling period in British History.

During that time, some 6,500,000 – six and a half MILLION – babies have been killed. In 2006 alone (2007 figures are not yet available) there were over 200,000 abortions. That's over 500 a day. Day in, day out.

Some 97% of these were because of potential "injury to the physical or mental health" of the mothers. This broad category, widely misused and misapplied, effectively means that abortions are more or less available on demand.

Today we hear the disturbing news that more and more 12 year olds are being given abortions.

And there are renewed calls to allow “abortion on request” by ending the need for doctors to give permission for a termination.

All this in the name of sexual freedom; all this because women (and men) are unwilling to control the way they behave or to face up to the consequences of their own actions.

When will the killing stop?


Anonymous said...

Not all papers ignored the matter, though opinion was divided.