Tuesday, 9 June 2009

We Need Free Speech

The Christian Institute is alerting people to the fact that the Government is seeking to remove the free speech clause from the homosexual hatred law via the Coroners and Justice Bill that is currently going through Parliament. The protection that this clause gives was included on the instigation of Lord Waddington, and was approved by Parliament only last year.

This law needs free speech protection, just like the law relating to the incitement of religious hatred. I am dismayed by many things that are said against my faith; but I recognise that, in a strong democracy, there should be freedom to say such things. In the same way, homosexual people should recognise that others may not share their opinions and are entitled to discuss and publish differing viewpoints. No group of people should be allowed to silence those who disagree with them.

The historic, orthodox Christian belief is that the practice of homosexuality is sinful. Christians should be allowed to retain the freedom to say what they believe in a democracy.

Here's just one example of the way things are moving. How long before it will be illegal to speak openly at all in the name of Christ?